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Melanie C Audio

I highly suggest that instead of clicking on the link, that instead you right-click and then click on "save target as" and save it to your disk. If you just click on it then it will stream and constantly stop, it's just a hassle.


Melanie C - Angel On My Shoulder.mp3

Melanie C - Follow Me.mp3

Melanie C - Independence Day.mp3

Melanie C - I Want You Back.mp3

Melanie C - I Wonder What It Would Be Like.mp3

Melanie C - Northern Star (Acoustic).mp3

Melanie C - You Taught Me.mp3


Melanie C - Anarchy in the UK Live 4-26-99.mp3

Melanie C & Frank Skinner - Baby It's Cold Outside.mp3

Melanie C - Independence Day (live).mp3

Melanie C - Stayin' Alive.mp3

Melanie C - Wannabe (live rock version).mp3


Melanie C - Can't Stay Tonight.mp3

Melanie C - Is This Love.mp3